Amsterdam Streets

5/22/2016 Chameleonic360 1 Comments

This time I wanted it to be different.
So I decided to spend my birthday somewhere else without feeling the need to check my phone, all the birthday wishes and visits. It is not that I don’t like my family and friends, maybe I just don't like the attention people give me or place me (more or less gladly) in the center. It is my 24th birthday and since I wasn’t too busy with school I thought I could just skip some days and travel around Amsterdam. It was my first trip to Amsterdam and I was really excited. I can definitely say that I fell in love with this city at first view. There is something special about this city, I can tell. All the canals and the little boats are just underlining the charm of this lovely place. Luckily we had great weather and every time we needed a break we just grabbed a coffee, sat by the canals and skipped the crowded city for a moment.
Without a doubt, we had to do the 1 hour canal tour that felt like 10 minutes because we were absolutely amazed by the surroundings. I still can not believe how people were able to built these small canals and create such a charming city years ago. Every street is unique with its’ great architecture.
Less talking more doing! All I want to say is that go and make your own impressions. It is absolutely worth it!

About my Look:
Some people might think that a dress and sneakers won’t match but I think it is the best combo. There is nothing better then comfortable shoes while looking classy. Not all dresses go with sneakers but this way works, what do you think?

I'm wearing:
Lapel Vest: Shein
Dress: H&M
Sneaker: Nike 
Watch: Mockberg
Shades: Ray&Ban

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  1. Maus du siehst sooo toll aus! Hammer Look gefällt mir richtig gut! Würde ich genauso tragen :-)
    Kussi Franzy von