Strawberry Fields Forever - Bali

8/19/2016 Chameleonic360 0 Comments

It is my second day in Bali and I couldn't wait to start my first surfing lesson in Legian with Up2U. Two hours of surfing can be really exhausting but fun! During the lesson I wasn't thinking of quitting rather than trying to catch waves after waves. My instructor was really awesome and I have to say that I am quite proud of myself since I could stand on the board for most of the time. And what is better after a long surfing session and beach day than having a big fat meal at Strawberry Fields.

The Strawberry Fields is such a lovely place, and each corner has its own flair. You definitely see how passionate the restaurant owner was about the location and setting. Entering the restaurant you directly feel the jungle vibes while being surrounded by nature. Beside the great location, the food is more amazing. As a starter we had Chicken Rice Paper Rolls and Salsa Chips n' Dips, followed the main dish: BURGERS. I know I am in Bali and should have tried something Indonesian but those burgers were just smiling at me. We had the Colonel Sanders Burger and the Oporto Escondido Chicken Burger. While writing this blog entry I really get hungry again. The sauce was sooo delicious. 

I can only recommend this place, you should definitely stop by when you are in Bali.

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