Komune Resort and Spa Bali

10/01/2016 Chameleonic360 2 Comments

The Komune Resort and Spa is directly at the Katamaran Beach and has wonderful black volcano sand. It is the perfect surfspot since the waves are really huge. If you are not a surfer, you can still enjoy watching them from the pool of the beach club. You can decide if you want to spend time at the pool which is located directly in front of the beach or have some time for yourself and relax in the health tub, the second pool. This place is just amazing! Here they are offering so many different activities. You can go surfing, take part in yoga and fitness classes or just go to the gym. It is the perfect place to spend your holiday. You can do your workout first and then relax at the pool or beach with a pure conscience.


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  1. Schöne Bilder, Fatma! :)
    Ich wünsche dir noch ganz viel Spaß auf deiner Reise! ❤️
    �� Larissa