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After I had a 27 hours flight to Bali I could not wait to have a relaxing time. This is why I chose the Watermark Hotel in Jimbaran which is just 5 minutes away from the airport. But no worries, I couldn't hear any noise. With its luxury suite room it covers all my needs! First of all, I took a bath in the ginormous bath tub and then lay all day long in my comfy bed with my bathrobe. The next day I spent some time at the pool. 

The good thing is that the Watermark Hotel has two pools, one on the first floor and the other one on the rooftop that is really amazing and the perfect place for a sundowner. Later in the evening I enjoyed a wonderful traditional balinese big plate in the W Senses Restaurant besides the pool. The food was amazing and mixed with all kinds of balinese specialities. In the next morning I had a wonderful Japanese breakfast, which was a great new experience for me in comparison to a continental breakfast. Unfortunately, I had to leave this great hotel to get off to new adventures in Bali.

If I will come back I will definitely choose the Watermark Hotel to escape of my daily routine and to enjoy the great hospitality 

I can highly recommend this wonderful place to you.


Information about the Hotel itself:
The Watermark itself is a very new Hotel with two amazing pools and three restaurants, one better than the other. There is also a shuttle-service to the private Watermark Beach Club. You can have a relaxing time at the SPA or workout in the private gym.

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